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Former Life Goes On actress Kellie Martin: “If motherhood doesn’t change you, you’re doing something wrong.”

Former Life Goes On actress Kellie Martin recently talked with Celebrity Baby Scoop about daughter Maggie(7), the biggest challenges she faces as a working mom, and how she finds balance. When asked what her biggest challenges are as a working mom and if she finds balance between career and family, Kellie shares, “I really think that nobody tells you how much you multitask as a parent. I had no idea how I was going to be juggling literally everything once I became a parent. My daughter is seven now, so she helps me out a lot more than when she was four. When I am home, I am a full-time mom and I am here taking her to ballet class, taking her to school and picking her up from school. The thing that makes it work so well for my family is that we really listen to each other and we have meals together. Dinnertime is very important; we sit down at the table together, we have a meal together, and there are no distractions.”

When asked about her daughter Maggie, Kellie says, “Maggie is an amazing violin player, but she would not tell you that that’s her favorite hobby. Her favorite hobby is playing outside and looking for bugs. Her favorite thing about going to school is her friends, definitely, because she’s very social. Science class and her friends are her favorite things.” Does Kellie think motherhood has changed her?

“Oh my gosh, massively! If it doesn’t change you, you’re doing something wrong. I waited until I was thirty to have Maggie and I think I was pretty selfish before having a child. I definitely don’t put myself first at all. I take the time I need to do certain things, like I always make sure I work out every day. The things that used to make me happy or really excited don’t really make me happy or excited anymore. It’s kind of different now, because my priorities change and all of that. I am a lot more patient than I used to be to.”

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