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Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure talks juggling life as a wife and mom in her new book Balancing It All

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with the actress Candace Cameron Bure, former Full House star and mom to 15-year-old daughter Natasha and sons Lev, nearly 14, and Maks, 12 with husband Valeri Bure.  Candace talked about her new book Balancing It All, her thoughts on love and marriage, and updated us on her kids. When asked how her kids are doing, Candace said, “The kids are great! Natasha is getting her driver’s permit in two weeks. Yikes! She’s singing and learning to play piano. I’m finally going to live my dream of being a professional singer through my daughter. Let’s hope I don’t turn into a reality show stage mom! My boys are playing hockey and still have their eyes set on the NHL.”

In her new book Balancing It All, Candace shares her early years as a child actor, school, dating, marriage, motherhood and being a successful working woman to date, pulling out key moments that have helped her juggle each season of life. She says, “I share my struggles and successes, what’s worked and what hasn’t, hoping to inspire each woman to take a deep breath in their current circumstance and realize balance looks different for each of us. But, when we trade secrets and support one another in our walk of life, we’ll feel good that investing in what’s right in each of our own lives is how we balance it all.”

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