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Garcelle Beauvais’ experience with racism when she was young inspired her I Am Mixed book

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with actress Garcelle Beauvais who’s a proud mom to three sons: Oliver, 22, and 5-year-old twins Jax and Jaid. The Franklin & Bash star shared her experience with racism at a young age, her three sons and the joys of motherhood and her best advice for peaceful co-parenting.

Garcelle, 46, shares that her oldest son has always had a love for music and is an aspiring rapper. While her twins are full of energy and are fun to be with, she adds. “I’m the happiest when we’re all together. I’m taking the boys to New York for their first visit,” she says. “We’re going to do all the fun touristy things, but I’m sure we’ll end up at FAO Swartz at least more than once.”

Garcelle has been a busy woman lately with her duties as a mom, acting and penning a book. “The I Am Mixed book idea came from the need for me to have a book where my kids could see themselves in the characters and learn to celebrate their diversity and what makes them special,” she says.

You can see her next in the film, White House Down, in which she plays the First Lady. The film is being released at the end of June. When asked if she thinks women can have it all she says,”I used to think it was attainable, but now I believe we put too much pressure on ourselves. We can have different things at different times.”

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