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Gift Card Holders

What teacher doesn’t love a gift card for a morning coffee or a favourite book? Help your child personalize his gift by making a unique sleeve, sure to vault him to the head of the class. Magnets on the back allow the recipient to keep track of gift cards on the refrigerator.


  • Small craft foam sheets
  • Scrapbook decals
  • White glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive letters
  • Craft magnets


  1. Measure and cut two pieces of craft foam to be 2.5 cm wider than your gift card.
  2. Apply double-sided tape along two short sides and bottom edge. Seal together.
  3. Cut semi-circle thumb tab.
  4. Apply decorations with craft foam shapes and stickers.
  5. Glue craft magnets on back.


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