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Golfer Mike Weir recalls his favourite summer memories

Mike weir - golfer mike weir recalls his favourite summer memoriesSummer holds special memories for professional golfer Mike Weir. The father of two says his childhood in Sarnia, Ont., set the template for an active outdoor lifestyle in Utah. Mike is the first and only Canadian to win the Masters (2003) and will play in the Canadian Open in Oakville, Ont., July 20-26. When he’s not golfing, he’s busy with his charity, The Mike Weir Foundation, his winery in Beamsville, Ont., and partnering with Aleve pain medication.

“Summers in Sarnia-Bright’s Grove were the best. Our house was only one block from Lake Huron and two blocks from Huron Oaks Golf Course, where I worked and played golf. Being so close to the water was great for swimming with my friends, and being able to ride my bike everywhere was invaluable. I am very lucky to have grown up in such a safe community. We were always outside playing sports.

My daughters, Elle and Lili, are 17 and 15, and they like to be active and outside, too. We enjoy skiing, hiking, white water rafting and most sports. A few years ago I purchased a camper so that we can enjoy getting away and finding unique camping spots to relax and just enjoy nature. We love camping as a family. I enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle and Utah is great for this and for my daughters as well.

I have been working extremely hard on my game, and without a doubt, my body gets sore due to repetitive use and arthritis and needs rest. I use Aleve to provide me with relief for 12 hours and get me back to feeling good.

But I try my best to shut off golf when I am home with my daughters, but they have shown some interest in the game. My eldest played for her high school team. I certainly don’t force it on them, but if they want to come practise or play with me, I’m all for it! I love the game and what it can teach you about yourself.”

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, July/August 2015.

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