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Hello Kitty

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Logo - hello kittyCat owners admit that they dont really own their cat. Their cat owns them. That aside, these same people tend to be pretty smug in their assumption that cats are so much smarter than dogs. Its pretty irritating to dog owners that they tend to be right! Have a look at some fast facts and you may get a new respect for our furry friends who sometimes share a closer physiology with humans than with dogs.

Point - hello kittyCats brains are more similar to human brains than to dogs brains.
Point - hello kittyHumans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion.
Point - hello kittyCats have 60 to 80 million olfactory cells;humans have only five to 20 million.
Point - hello kittyStroking a cat can lower a humans blood pressure.
Point - hello kittyCats respond better to women than to men, probably due to women having higher voices than men.
Point - hello kittyCats see about six times better than humans at night, thanks to an extra layer of reflecting cells which absorb light.
Point - hello kittyCats hearing is much more sensitive than humans and dogs

Habits and BehavioursMemory - hello kitty
Cats have a reputation for independence they dont offer slavish devotion, as will a dog. They offer affection on their own terms, when and where it suits them. And they are self-indulgent. Check out their preferences and their habits.

Point - hello kittyCats sleep an average of 16 hours a day.
Point - hello kittyCats spend nearly 30 percent of their awake lives grooming themselves.
Point - hello kittyCats lose almost as much fluid in the saliva while grooming themselves as they do through urination.
Point - hello kittyMany cats love having their foreheads gently stroked.
Point - hello kittyA cat rubbing against your legs is showing affection but also is putting its personal scent on you.
Point - hello kittyCats with long lean bodies are more likely to be outgoing personalities than their stockier cousins. They are more protective of their home and more vocal and demonstrative.
Point - hello kittyWhen a cat goes after mice, about one pounce in three results in a catch.

Diet and HealthTunaquote - hello kitty
Cats can be fussy about their diet. What they prefer, however, may not give them the balance they need. There are specific dietary requirements that their bodies must have, so safe-guarding the health of our cat is our responsibility.

Point - hello kittyCats have 30 teeth, 12 incisors, 10 premolars, 4 canines and 4 molars.
Point - hello kittyKittens have baby teeth, which are replaced by permanent teeth around the age of seven months.
Point - hello kittyCats need to have their teeth cleaned by a vet because their jaw has only an up-and-down motion no side-to-side motion like dogs and humans.
Point - hello kittyA cats jaw motion means that you cant rely on feeding dry food as a dental care program. Lifespan - hello kitty
Point - hello kittyA steady diet of dog food (instead of cat food) may cause blindness in a cat because it lacks taurine, an essential nutrient required for cats health.
Most cats adore sardines.
Point - hello kittyCats must have fat in their diet because they cant produce it on their own.
Point - hello kittyStore antifreeze carefully. Its sweet and enticing, but deadly poisonous to animals.
Point - hello kittyMany cats enjoy milk but it gives some cats diarrhea.
Point - hello kittyNever give Tylenol to a cat. It can be fatal. Never give aspirin unless specifically prescribed by your veterinarian. It can be fatal.
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