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Holiday family travel insurance: Why everyone should be covered

The holidays are one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Though you may be dreaming of a relaxing getaway, planning a family vacation during this time can easily turn stressful if you’re not prepared. From coordinating tickets and packing lists to airplane boredom blockers, one necessary item that shouldn’t be overlooked is travel insurance. Whether you and your family are traveling within Canada to visit the extended family or taking a trip overseas for an annual vacation, different types of trips require different types of coverage.
RSA, Canada’s leading travel insurance provider has a wide variety of affordable travel insurance packages for any type of trip as well as some tips for Canadian families before departing on their holiday trip.

Make health and safety your priority

Travelling families should always put their health and wellbeing first. Vacations are a break from routine but not from sensible practices. Whether travelling by air or car, you should:

  • Confirm well in advance if any inoculations or medications are needed before visiting the destination
  • Check for government issued travel advisories for the country or region you are planning to visit
  • Carry sufficient prescription medication and allergy treatments for your kids in your carry-on luggage so it’s easily accessible
  • If driving, check weather and road conditions and listen to local advisories
  • Share travel and destination information with loved ones in the event an emergency arises


Have key documents with you at all times

When travelling outside of the country there are key documentations Canadians should not leave without.

  • A valid passport is needed for all travellers, including children and infants, with limited exceptions for children under 16 crossing at land border points
  • Additionally, Canadian children need appropriate documentation to travel abroad when taking a trip alone or with only one parent, such as a consent letter, birth certificate or citizenship card. Check destination requirements before departing.
  • If travelling outside your home province, carry provincial health cards and drivers licenses.

Visit to learn more about how you can be prepared to travel with your family.

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