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Ian Ziering named ‘Daddy of the Year 2013’ by DaddyScrubs

Ian Ziering, of 90210 royalty, has been named Daddy of the Year 2013 by DaddyScrubs, the renowned line of “I’m the Daddy” apparel and gifts for expectant dads. This title recognizes fathers who are very proactive in raising their kids.

Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke with Ian about his two daughters, Mia, 2, and Penna, 4 months, and how he hopes to inspire other dads.

Ian says Mia is in preschool now and loves it. “Mia is very outgoing and is making a lot of new friends. She’s very conversational and loves tutus and tea parties,” he says. While Penna has been such a good baby, he adds. “She doesn’t cry very much, she sleeps a lot, and she’s very alert and playful.”

With his two bundles of joy, he’s not sure whether or not they’ll have a third child, but he says there’s plenty of love in the couple’s heart to have more kids.

Ian says he’s proud of being called Daddy of the Year. “I read to my daughter, Mia, every night and we sing songs before bed. I am also the first one to get Mia out of bed in the morning and I love making breakfast with her,” he says. “I have taken all of the cues that I picked up from my own childhood with my father.”

One of the most important things parents should do is spend time with their kids, and reading to them is also very important, he adds.

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