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Introduce your kids to snow tubing this winter

Ontario kids sonw tubing - parents canada

One of the most wonderful things about snow tubing is it is an all-ages activity. Snow tubing is when you ride on a donut-shaped tube on the water, snow or through the air. Adults enjoy it just as much as the kids. It is a great activity for blended families or families with mixed ages. You can snow tube with your own biscuit at a toboggan hill or for the more adventurous; you can head to a local ski hill for a bigger hill and the luxury of a ride to the top.

No skills are required either, perhaps common sense but that’s it. This is also a good activity for large groups.

What’s the process? How does it work? For starters, you get in the biscuit at the bottom of the hill and are pulled up to the top. This part seems leisurely and is in itself a relaxing ride where you can watch the sky, the snow fall or take in the views as you ride up the hill. Many operators are open for night snow tubing and it’s a beautiful site to see the stars and night sky while you lean back and take a breather.

Ontario kids sonw tubing - parents canadaAt the top of the hill, you get into a line up or a ‘lane’. When it’s your turn, an attendant will direct you and your biscuit to your lane. When it’s your turn and the riders are all safely in the tube the attendant will toss you down the hill! For real. Attendants will ask if you want to spin or what kind of ride you’d like. It’s not just straight down! Whatever your fancy, the adrenaline will flow, the giggles will burst and before you know it, you’re at the bottom of the hill pulling your biscuit over to be pulled up again for more!

Areas North of Toronto this year are picture perfect winter wonderlands. Ontario hills are loaded with fluffy snow and perfect surfaces for snow tubing. Snow tubing is truly a fun and adventurous winter activity. It keeps your family active and you will all have fun while you’re doing it.

Families can find snow tubing facilities or getaways combined with snow tubing activities, with our following members:

Beauview Cottage Resort | Carriage Ridge Resort | Comfort Inn Barrie (Hart Drive) | Sunnylea Resort | Horseshoe Resort | Blue Mountain |

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