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Keep an eye on cell phone data usage

The summer is flying by with kids off to summer camps, sleepovers, sport lessons and family vacations in the works. Although, we do our best to keep our kids active and off their mobile devices, summer also means that, despite our best efforts, they’re spending significantly more time on their cellphones and tablets. Our kids are using mobile devices to download apps, chat with friends, use social media, play games…the list is long.

Parents should be aware of how the amount of online time may be affecting their families’ data usage. As we know, if our families go above our data allotment on our mobile devices, we may be charged with significant overage fees which can lead to unhappy summer times. Particularly during summer months, when 3-4 family members can be using devices for hours at a time, it is important for parents to keep an eye on data usage.

Discuss data usage with your family

Most children (even adults) are unaware of the amount of data they are using on a daily basis. Prior to playing games or downloading apps on their mobile devices, ask that your children request your approval, so you can monitor data usage.

Track data usage

With the understanding that it is not always easy to independently track and monitor the data usage of multiple cell phones, families can use free apps, like Norton Mobile Utilities, that helps to manage usage. The app tracks your mobile data, phone, SMS text message and Wi-Fi usage and alerts you when you, or your family members, reach the pre-determined limits you set.

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