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Keep your child’s books neat with these DIY Nursery bookshelves

Reading is so important for every child. It can be an empowering skill and a necessary tool for a successful future. It is never too early to start reading with your children. Even though your little one may wiggle around, rip books and seem disinterested, eventually he or she will always ask you to read just one more story. Soon, you become the proud parent listening to your little one read you a story!

My daughter was the baby described above. She didn’t seem interested in books, until a few weeks ago right before her first birthday. Since then, we have been reading oodles of books all day long – before naps, before bedtime and just because. I adore this special time with her as she sits on my lap (and trust me, she NEVER sits still) and touches the pages, turning them when she is ready to move on. I love that she is engaged and interested – says the mom and teacher!

We have heaps and heaps of books, from Robert Munsch to Maurice Sendak. But until recently, they were piled in disarray on her dresser. There is no room for a bookshelf in her nursery and quite frankly, it just isn’t practical. I wanted her to be able to see all of her books and access them easily. Then, I came upon a simple solution: DIY Spice Rack Bookshelves!

What you need:

2 or more BEKVÄM Spice Racks from Ikea
Chalk paint or primer and paint
Furniture wax (Minwax/Johnson’s wax)
2 [aintbrushes
An old sheet or towel
An old cloth (lint-free) or cheesecloth
Drywall anchors (2 per shelf)
Measuring tape

What to do:

1. Set up your space. I recommend that you lay a towel or sheet on a table or other workspace. Have your paintbrush and paint ready.

2. Put together the spice racks and begin painting (prime first if you are not using chalk paint). Cover the entire surface and allow it to dry. Paint a second layer if needed.

3. Use your other brush to apply a thin layer of wax to the painted surface. Rub in the wax with your cloth until it disappears. Let the spice racks sit overnight before using.

4. Choose where you would like to hang the bookshelves. We made sure that all of them were in plain view from her crib and we kept some low enough for her to reach. After the fact, I thought she may try to pull herself up using the lower shelves. Something to think about.

5. Use the tape measure and pencil to mark the spots where your drywall anchors need to go. Drill the anchors into the wall. Fit the shelves on the anchors. Add books!

A side note about the paint and wax I use: I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax! It is a bit on the pricey side, but a little goes a LONG way and there is no sanding or priming needed (Hooray!). I purchase Annie Sloan products locally in the Highlands neighbourhood from the Apple Box Boutique.

I do not consider myself overly creative or artistic, yet somehow when it comes to decorating my daughter’s room, the DIY mommy in me breaks loose. 

Remember: Your little ones will cherish anything you made yourself. Keep those creative juices flowing!

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