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Lisa Loeb welcomes a new baby and a new album

Lisa Loeb, known since the 90’s for her eclectic array of glasses, recently had a catch-up session with Celebrity Baby Scoop. The singer-songwriter – now a mom-of-two with a successful eyewear line and is set to launch her seventh album, No Fairy Tale.

Lisa’s daughter Lyla, 4, adores the newest addition to the family brood, baby Emet who’s now seven months old. “Emet is a really sweet baby, very smiley, personable and I think he even has a good sense of humor. He laughs when he sees something funny and smiles and tries to reach out and speak when he sees his sister,” she says. Emet has just started eating solids and Lyla has started ballet lessons.

When asked how she makes alone time with her husband amidst a busy household and bustling careers, Lisa says they stay organized and will occasionally use their extended family and nanny. “We try to look at it as a process of learning how to make the right choices as we continue to move forward,” she says. “We try to have the weekly date night, but it’s not always weekly. It’s a priority and we have to remind ourselves a lot.”

Look for Lisa next as she tours with her new album, which offers “lyric-based songs” and songs to move to.” She’s also continues work on her eyewear line and has an illustrated book with a CD with Sterling Publishing coming out in April.

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