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Make your holiday party the talk of the season

New years noisemaker - make your holiday party the talk of the seasonHosting a holiday or New Year’s Eve party this year? Let our party prep tips help you survive the hustle and bustle of planning and executing a stunning soiree!

Prep your playlist

New Year’s Eve is a great time to get together with friends and family, reminisce about the year that’s passed and talk about your hopes for the year to come. Whether you want something soft in the background or are anticipating a post-countdown dance party, your playlist is key. Try asking guests to suggest two of their favourite soiree songs when they RSVP and create a playlist from their responses. Don’t have time to create a song list? Try the music concierge at Songza – it suggests playlists based on the time of day and your music mood.

Tasty treats

Decide ahead of time whether you want to serve dinner or just have snacks, but be sure to have some kind of grub for guests to nibble on. If you serve dinner, have each guest bring an appetizer to serve ahead of time. No room to sit down? Set your food up buffet-style, allowing for guests to nibble and dine as they please throughout the night. If you’re planning to go the distance and party long past the clock strikes twelve, be sure to have some late night eats on hand for hungry party goers.

Find your Feng Shui

The reality of hosting a holiday gathering is that different guests will have different party personas. Some will sit and chat, others will stand (or maybe hover) around the buffet and gossip, and some may want to dance the night away. To make sure all of your guests have a great time, set up different rooms to suit different social activities. Be sure to arrange the furniture in each room accordingly.

Entertain the kids

It’s important to decide ahead of time whether or not you will want children at your holiday party. If you make it kid-friendly, our advice is you better be ready. Crafts, their favourite movies and easy games and toys should keep them occupied for the evening. Hire a local teenager you trust to watch and play with the kids until bedtime. They’ll be able to mediate arguments, keep the kids entertained and oversee the games and crafts so little ones don’t lose interest.

Get your guests home safely

If you plan to have the wine and spirits flowing, be sure you give your guests options for getting home. If your guest room and couches are occupied, have the local cab number handy for guests to call. Know of anyone attending who won’t be drinking? Help guests to organize and arrange rides with a DD who may be going to the same area. There’s no excuse for drinking and driving – especially if there will be kids in the car.

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