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Monastery Bakery, an Oakville family tradition

My daughter can spot the little red box bakery box from Oakville’s Monastery Bakery on our kitchen counter from a mile away.

Monastery bakery box - monastery bakery, an oakville family tradition

She knows it so well that when we pulled into the parking lot of the bakery the other day, she simply said one word, “bakery”.

She’s almost two and it’s a new word for her. Her vocabulary is expanding each day, every new word her small voice says is exciting to hear. This one in particular, not only made us laugh, but also question: Are we perhaps visiting this bakery too often?

Of course not! We absolutely love this Oakville staple.

When our friends from Oakville first learned we were moving here, they asked if we’d heard of the bakery and insisted that we just had to try it. Located at 1133 Monastery Dr., in the Monastery Plaza, the bakery is a short drive from our home and has become a frequent weekend trip for us.

Fresh baked bread, cookies, amazing coconut macaroons and these fantastic spinach and feta chicken burgers are all reasons we keep returning to the bakery time and time again. They also offer an extensive hot plate, a fan favourite during the lunch hour and after work, where you can find several different pasta dishes, personal size pizzas, sandwiches and daily dinner specials.

The community vibe, family-friendly atmosphere, but above all else their amazing bakery offerings, are why we’ll continue to keep visiting and also recommending the Monastery Bakery. Make sure to try it out if you’re in the area.

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