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MP3/Cell Phone Case

Mp3-cell phone case - crafts

  • Measure the length and width of the device you’d like to protect. Double the length, then add 4 cm (for the flap). Add 2 cm to the width to accommodate thickness of device. Trace the measurements on a piece of white felt.
  • Cut out shape.
  • Fold together lengthwise leaving 4 cm overhang.
  • Using an oversewing stitch (as shown), sew the sides together with wool.
  • Cut out wavy stripes from black felt, and lay them on the white felt, spacing them a few millimetres apart. Glue in place.
  • Attach brads to flap. Glue light-duty craft magnets in place behind brads to create a magnetic closure.


Felt sheets in various colours

Fabric scissors

White glue

Googly eyes (varying sizes)

Pompoms (varying sizes and colours)

Wool and large needle
Fabric covered brad fasteners

Craft magnets

Published March 2010

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