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Multi-platinum recording artist and TV personality Nick Lachey:”Fatherhood has changed me in every way.”

Recording artist and TV personality Nick Lachey recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about son Camden, his show The Sing-Off, and his new album A Father’s Lullaby.  When asked how fatherhood has changed him, Lachey shares, “Fatherhood has changed me in every way; for every decision and situation I encounter in my life, I want to consider my child. Your child really becomes the most important thing in your world and in your life.” Nick says he makes it a priority to have date nights each week with wife Vanessa.  “I think you just have to plan it. It’s one of those things where if you are not careful, your whole life can be consumed by having a child.” Along with the new baby has been another new project—a lullaby album. “A Father’s Lullaby has been really well received, most importantly by Camden himself. I made the CD as a tribute to him and it’s been a special project that he and I share together. It’s also been really well received by my fans who grew up with me and are now at the age where they’re starting to have families of their own. It seemed like a really appropriate project for my fan base and I’ve gotten great feedback.”  

When asked about upcoming projects, Nick said, “I’m working on the 4th season of The Sing-off. I am very excited about it! I am ecstatic that it’s coming back. We’ve already taped all of the episodes, so I can say 100% honestly that it is a great season with a great line-up and fantastic groups.  I am also working on another album called The Soundtrack to My Life, which is comprised of songs that are based on movies that I grew up with. They are soundtrack songs that were benchmarks in my life.”

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