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My daughter’s fairy-themed birthday party

It was my daughter’s fourth birthday and since fairies are a popular hit with her and her friends, it was a fairy party theme this year! I love doing home birthday parties while they are younger because I really enjoy having an excuse to be crafty. It feeds my creative side that I feel sometimes gets put aside due to the everyday tasks of running a household, raising kids and a business on top of everything else. So in other words, it’s a great excuse!

If you are looking to have a similar theme for your little girl, we came up with some awesome ideas, if I don’t say so myself. If you don’t mind taking a little time to be crafty, I have some great ideas that I’d be more than happy for you to take!

First things first, I knew my theme was fairies and if you have watched the Tinkerbell Movies, you know that the animal fairies paint butterflies wings. Since Ashlyn has been little, whenever we see white butterflies we always say that the fairies haven’t painted their wings yet. It’s really quite cute and I love how excited she gets everytime she sees one.

Paint butterfly wings

1. Make butterfly cut-out sugar cookies and ice them with white icing sugar the night before. Put them in the fridge to harden

2. I picked four colours, two shades of green, pink, purple and red chocolate melts and put them in four seperate bowls. When it’s time for the girls to paint the “butterfly wings” heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds and then give them a stir. Give each girl a paint brush and WhaLa. Let them paint the wings with the colourful candy melts. (These can be purchased at Michaels.) Then let them dry and pack them up in their goodie bags to take home!

Making pixie dust

1. Purchase coloured sand from any craft store and then glitter of any colour. I purchased purple and aqua blue sand with pink and purple glitter.

2. I mixed the glitter together, which was the real fairy dust and turned it in to real magical fairy dust. I purchased small jars from the dollar store and put a paper flower on top with a tag attached to them saying pixie dust for the extra touch.

3. When it was time to make pixie dust, an adult helped the girls poor the fairy dust in to the jars. First the sand, then the magical glitter. Each girl repeated, “Magic fairy dust, magic fairy dust, faith trust and pixie dust,” while shaking and mixing their jar of dust.

The official fairy ceremony

In order to become a fairy each girl took their jar of fairy dust and we went outside. They each had to turn around in a circle three times and then say, “Magical fairies come to life”. Then they were each given a blue moonstone (a.k.a. blue gems also found at the dollar store.) They then ran around dancing and throwing their fairy dust like the little fairies they were.

These were some of the games and they were a hit! Great for having your own fairy theme and the girls loved it!

Check out some of the decor photos for some more great ideas!

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