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New web series brings laughs to motherhood


Becoming a mother can be a culture shock for a lot of women. Suddenly you’re feeling judged, sleep deprived, undersexed, sore and even isolated from friends and your old life. Enter Aurora Browne and Nadine Djoury, improv veterans and the creators behind Newborn Moms, a new web series on cbc.ca/punchline premiering November 26. The one- to three-minute episodes focus on the hilarious misadventures of Rosie and Julia as they struggle to make sense of motherhood. The episodes satirize some of the most ubiquitous moments in a new mom’s life: breastfeeding (my favourite episode is with the male lactation consultant), making new friends, surviving Ferberization and one-upping each other’s birthing war stories. Rosie and Julia are opposites in many ways, but share friendship in common and ultimately root for each other. These quick sketches are sure to brighten your day without eating up too much of it.

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