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OMG this monkey recreating the iconic Lion King scene is everything

Monkey Recreating The Iconic Lion King Scene - Parents Canada

Monkey recreating the iconic lion king scene - parents canada

Photo: Dafna Ben Nun/Disney

Every good and respectful child of the ’90s knows the scene. It starts with Elton John bellowing out the intro of Circle of Life (as if you didn’t just start singing it in your head), everyone is so hyped that Simba has been born (JTT to all your die-hard fans) and they’ve come to Pride Rock to party.

Rafiki (the wise monkey) holds up baby Simba over his head to present him to the animal kingdom and the crowd goes wild.

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#baboon with a #baby same as the #lionking scene . . . . . #bbc #natgeo @natgeotravel @wildlifeonearth @animalelite @ellentube #disney

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While on a recent trip to Zimbabwe, Israeli photographer Dafna Ben Nun captured Disney’s latest live-action flick. Just kidding, but pretty close, right?

She posted the photo on her Instagram, writing “Bamboo with a baby, same as the Disney Lion King scene .”

While the image appears to be a proud moment, the photographer explained to the Times of Israel that it was a very quick moment and the monkey in question had actually snatched the baby from its mother. Whoops.

Don’t worry, this is normal in the primate world.

So, are you going to drop everything and go watch the Lion King right now? Because we are.

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