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Parents guide to date night

Once you become a parent it can be difficult to have some alone time between you and your spouse. Having a good relationship with your other half helps create a good family environment for your child to grow up in. Check out the guide below for things to do and how to handle the kids when you’re away.

How to spend alone time with your partner

Couple hugging - parents guide to date night A common concern for parents is that their sex life is amazing before they have kids, but once the child is born it becomes almost non-existent. Read these tips on improving your sexual relationship.The kids are out. Now what? Check out our ideas for what to do on your date night.


Dealing with separation anxiety

- parents guide to date night It can be tough for your little one to adjust to you not being around. You may not be able to change your child’s natural sensitivity to being separated from you, but you can try to help him feel less anxious.The separation anxiety goes both ways. Here are tips on how to best prepare yourself to leave your baby with a caregiver for the first time.


What about the kids?

School girls sleepover - parents guide to date night The reservations are set. Your wardrobe is chosen. You and your spouse are ready to head out for date night. But wait, what do you do with the kids?Maybe call in a babysitter if you’re away for only a few hours. Read about the things you need to know for finding a babysitter.Or how about a sleepover play date? If you’re sending your little one off for the first time, these tips will help make the evening run smoothly.

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