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10 Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Recipes

bowls of chocolate pudding with berries

Happy season of love. Whether you’re cooking for your significant other, a pal or for the whole crew, these family-friendly recipes are sure to please all of your loves. Who says you have to go to a restaurant to have a good time? Not these Valentine’s Day recipes. 

Warm Greek Chicken Salad

warm greek chicken salad recipe: sheet pan with chicken, tomatoes and olives
Warm Greek Chicken Salad

Greek salad is a lot of things. Crisp romaine, briny feta, bursting tomatoes and salty bites of olive with crunchy onion in a lemony dressing, for starters. Forget how you’re used to Greek salad and try moving it to the sheet pan with this easy chicken adaption that the whole family will love. Imagine these goods swaddled up in a fluffy pita? We almost can’t even handle it. Get the recipe: Warm Greek Chicken Salad

Buttermilk Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Baking sheet of battered fried oyster mushrooms that look like fried chicken

Oyster mushrooms are meaty and juicy and have a cool pull-apart texture that makes them ideal as a chicken substitute. Which is how fried oyster mushrooms were born. It’s also a creative way to get kids to eat an oft-hated food item. Get the recipe: Buttermilk Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Steak Frites 

Steak Frites And Key Lime Pie - Parents Canada

Steak Frites (steak and French fries) is not the first thing you might consider whipping up after a long day of work. But it’s actually quite simple, and can be pulled together in under half an hour. For dessert, stir together the simplest Key lime filling (also in the recipe link) to serve with straight-up graham crackers. Who needs pie crust? Get the recipe: Steak Frites 

Paprika-Rubbed Sheet-Pan Chicken with Lemon

chicken covered in a paprika rub with roasted lemons
Paprika-Rubbed Sheet-Pan Chicken With Lemon

A sheet pan dinner is always a winner in our books. If you don’t want to spatchcock your chicken, ask the butcher at your local grocery store. Rubbing it with paprika, fennel seeds and lemon gives it an Italian sausage-like flavour. Some mashed potatoes would be nice on the side. Get the recipe: Paprika-Rubbed Sheet-Pan Chicken With Lemon

Ricotta and Squash Stuffed Shells 

ricotta and squash stuffed shells in a casserole dish

Ding, ding. What’s the ultimate comfort food? You just found it. Butternut squash and ricotta cheese create a decadent filling while the Alfredo sauce plays it cool with butter, garlic and lemon zest. Get the recipe: Ricotta and Squash Stuffed Shells

Classic Beef Stroganoff 


A throwback to the 60s, beef stroganoff is similar to a simple stew, made creamy with sour cream and traditionally served over buttered egg noodles. Using cheaper, tougher cuts of meat and slow-cooking them (or using the pressure cooker) results in a divinely tender, flavourful dish that requires very little effort to prepare. It’s perfect cold-weather food. Get the recipe: Classic Beef Stroganoff 

Slow Salmon With Citrus And Herb Salad

salmon on a sheet pan with citrus slices over it
Slow Salmon With Citrus And Herb Salad

Slowly roasting an already fatty fish in even more luxurious fat (here, olive oil) makes it nearly impossible to overcook; plus, you can flavour that oil with whatever you fancy: spices, herbs, citrus, chiles, which will flavour the salmon, which is why you’re here. Get the recipe: Slow Salmon With Citrus And Herb Salad

Chocolate Pudding 

bowls of chocolate pudding with berries

A few pantry essentials are all you need to whip up a luxurious chocolate pudding. Top it with fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. Get the recipe: Chocolate Pudding

Deep Dish Cherry Pie 

Deep dish cherry pie recipe on a plate with a tempting slice taken out
Who wouldn’t want to dig into a slice of this deep dish cherry pie with a non-negotiable generous scoop of ice cream? It doesn’t matter that it’s not cherry season because canned cherries are a delicious workaround. Get the recipe: Deep Dish Cherry Pie

Food Processor Flourless Chocolate Cake 

chocolate cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit
Food Processor Flourless Chocolate Cake
The perfect flourless chocolate cake for entertaining, this little number is best made a day or two in advance so that it has time to rest and get extra fudgy. Get the recipe: Food Processor Flourless Chocolate Cake


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