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Pipe cleaner pencil toppers

pipecleaner bent into shapes on top of pencils

Proven fact: school work is more fun when there’s a fuzzy, twisty, googly-eyed monster sitting proudly atop your pencil. Gather your pipe cleaner, it’s time for arts and crafts.

Pipe cleaner toppers - pipe cleaner pencil toppers

You’ll Need:

  • an assortment of pipe cleaners
  • pencils
  • white glue
  • assorted sizes of googly eyes

1. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and rest the eraser end of a pencil in the fold.

2. Wrap both ends of the pipe cleaner tightly around the pencil as many times as you want, making sure to leave a length unwrapped on each side of the pencil top.

3. To make the spirally arms, or antlers, from the unwrapped ends, coil each arm separately around another pencil. Carefully pull the coiled arm away from the forming pencil.

4. With a dab of white glue on both the back of each googly eye, and the spot where you’d like the eye to sit on the topper, stick each eye in place.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2014.

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