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Quick and easy pompoms

Pompoms crafts - quick and easy pompoms 

Here’s an easy way to create pompoms for use on any kid or adult craft projects. Tie them onto a throw cushion for a personal touch, or run pipe cleaners through them to help your child create this fuzzy creature. Pompoms also make great zipper pulls and toque toppers!


  • balls of yarn in a variety of colours
  • fork
  • sharp manicure scissors


Pompoms crafts instructions - quick and easy pompoms

STEP 1. Wrap yarn around the outside of fork tines until you have made a bulky bunch. Cut loose end with scissors.

STEP 2. Cut a separate piece of matching wool and thread one end through the space in between the two middle tines of the fork below the coiled yarn and over the top between the same two tines. Tie a double knot around the centre of the coil, pulling as tightly as you can.

STEP 3. With manicure scissors, poke one blade in between the outside tines and the wool wrap and snip at the edges until all edges are cut on both sides of the fork.

STEP 4. Slide off the fork, roll the ball between your hands to round it out, and trim off the loose ends to make the desired finished size.

NOTE: You can also make multi-coloured pompoms by wrapping several colours of yarn around a fork as part of the same coil. To make larger pompoms, use a serving fork and follow the same steps.


Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, Feb/Mar 2015.

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