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Raising Whitley star Kym Whitley: “We work very hard and the biggest job is being a mother.”

Actress and comedienne Kym Whitley sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to chat about her upcoming projects, her 3-year-old son Joshua and her adventures in motherhood. When asked about her son, Kym shared, “Joshua is such a joy! He will be 3-years-old this month. Ever since he was born, he has been a very special soul. He is extremely smart. He also loves music – he plays the drums and the piano and he’s only three.” What does she feel the rewards of motherhood are? “One of the rewards is the discovery. My life is different now and I have a different path of discovery. I would have never had that if I hadn’t become a mother.” When asked about her parenting style, she said, “My parenting style is probably like that of my parents, because you do how you learn. I would say that I am funny and I give a lot of ‘time-outs,’ but they work.” Does Kym feel you can “have it all” as a mother? “We work very hard and the biggest job is being a mother, then you put a career and being a wife on top of that. It’s almost impossible. You only have 24 hours in a day and you have to sleep, eat, and some of us have to work.”

What’s up next for Kym? “I have a show that just got picked up on ABC Family called Young & Hungry. I also have a movie with Marlon Wayans called A Haunted House 2 that is also coming out. My cartoon Black Dynamite is also coming back for a second season, and I also did a family movie on the Hallmark Channel called Anything Is Possible.”

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