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School Supplies For Kids Of Every Age

School Supplies For Kids Of Every Age - Parents Canada

Shopping for school supplies never gets old. Brand new notebooks and pens, a pencil case full of fresh markers, a stack of sticky notes right out of the package…in fact, we say parents deserve back-to-school treats too, just for surviving the summer. Read on for some of our favourite picks for our favourite time of year.

Bic geolocity - school supplies for kids of every age

Bic Gel-ocity Quick Dry Pens

Why we love them: For anyone who regularly deals with smeared ink (lefties, we’re looking at you), these retractable pens are magic. The writing experience is super-smooth, the grip is comfy and—best of all—the ink dries instantly. The fun, vibrant colours don’t hurt either.


Crayola crayons 96-pack with sharpener - parents canada

Crayola Crayons 96-Pack with Sharpener

Why we love them: Who doesn’t love a box of brand-new crayons? And we say, go for the big box set to make sure they get every colour of the rainbow. The built-in sharpener helps to keep these beauties on point throughout the school year. Also available in smaller formats.


Staedtler 72-pack double-ended fibre tip pens - parents canada

Staedtler 72-Pack Double-Ended Fibre Tip Pens

Why we love them: This gorgeous set of pens is the big-kid version of a new box of crayons. Each marker features a fine tip and a wide tip for maximum enjoyment, whether your tween or teen is writing, sketching or drawing.


Post it combo - school supplies for kids of every age

Post-It Super-Sticky Combo Pack, Supernova Collection

Why we love it: Post-Its come in handy every single day, in so many ways. This set features different sizes of the tried-and-trusted notepads (these ones have an extra sticky adhesive!), perfect for marking pages, leaving notes for friends on their lockers, sending notes back to teachers in your child’s agenda or communication folder, and so much more.


Three subject notes - school supplies for kids of every age

A5 Three-Tab Paperboard Notebook

Why we love it: Okay, this notebook might be as much for parents as it is for kids. It just smacks of nostalgia with its simple grid pattern. That said, there’s nothing simple about this smart three-subject notebook: The spiral binding lets it lie flat for easy notetaking, the tabbed dividers keep things organized, and the elastic closure prevents pages from getting ripped or bent.


Variety pack - school supplies for kids of every age

School Supply Variety Pack

Why we love it: If you’re looking for an easy school supply solution, this is it. A partnership between Sharpie, Expo, Elmer’s and PaperMate, this package includes all of the classroom essentials—mechanical and wooden pencils, glue, highlighters, dry erase markers, erasers and more.


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