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Score Board

Organize medals and ribbons on a hockey-themed bulletin board.


  • bulletin board
  • 2 pencil holders
  • blue and red electrical tape
  • foam letters
  • push pins
  • small round black magnets
  • white paint
  • paint roller
  • hot glue
  • scissors


  1. Using a sponge roller, paint the bulletin board and two pencil holders white. Let dry.
  2. Apply red tape to pencil holders to make them look like nets (according to photo).
  3. Run a strip of red electrical tape as the centre line. Make sure it’s in the middle!
  4. Run two strips of blue electrical tape for the blue lines (according to photo).
  5. Cut a strip of red electrical tape in half for both goal lines. Position your nets (pencil holders) and run the line of tape across the board.
  6. Cut small circles from red electrical tape and position them as face-off dots outside the blue lines (according to photo).
  7. Cut a bigger circle out of red electrical tape as the centre face-off dot. You may need to use two pieces of tape.
  8. Cover the frame of the bulletin board with red tape.
  9. Hot glue the nets to the board.
  10. Hot glue round magnets to the push pins to look like hockey pucks.
  11. Stick or glue foam letters to the top of your board to spell out something fun.
  12. Put adhesive squares on the back or hang your bulletin board on a wall and start racking up those awards.


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