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Shamrock fingerprint place cards

Welcome each guest to your St. Patrick’s Day feast with these shamrock place cards.

You’ll need:

place cards
green ink stamp pad
fine tip green marker or
letter stickers


1. Push your pinky finger into
the stamp pad and lightly dab
it on a piece of paper towel.
Then press it on the front of
each place card. Make another
pressing right next to the first,
overlapping at the bottom
slightly to form leaf shape.

2. Repeat, turning the card
as you go, to create three
heart-shaped leaves almost
touching in the centre of the

3. Draw a stem with a green
marker or crayon.

4. Print each guest’s name beside
the shamrock on each card, or,
use letter stickers (available at
scrapbooking and craft stores)
to spell out names.

Shamrock fingerprint place cards 600x292 v2 - shamrock fingerprint place cards

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, February/March 2013.

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