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Suits actress Sarah Rafferty: “I’ve stropped striving for balance. That word does not exist.”

Suits actress Sarah Rafferty recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop about the renewal of her show, her two daughters, and what’s up next for her. When asked about her daughters, Sarah shares, “My oldest daughter Oona is six and Iris is turning two on Sunday. They are the light of my life. They are so outgoing and funny and silly. They love to sing and dance, they love each other, and they are incredibly affectionate. They crack me up every single day.” What are her feelings on raising two girls?  She says, “It’s funny. Sometimes I have disassociated moments where I think, ‘Wait, I’m their mother.’ I’m just here having fun with these children and enjoying them but I can’t believe I’m already at this phase in my life where I’m raising them. It’s such a blessing to have my two girls. The world that they’re growing up in is different than the one that I grew up in, in so many wonderful ways, and in so many ways that I’m a little bit nervous about. There’s a lot to educate myself on, as a parent, in the years to come in terms of raising children in this environment. When it comes to ‘having it all’ and finding balance, Sarah says, “I’ve stopped striving for balance. That word does not exist. I think it’s all about embracing the chaos and the espresso machine.”

What’s up next for Sarah besides Suits? She says, “Full-on ‘Mom-ness.’ I am planning a birthday party for this weekend. We were just doing some amazing finger-painting. We did a little visit to the Kindergarten class and made some “O-shaped” cookies when they were learning the letter ‘O.’ I like to get down and dirty and be home with my kids when we’re on a hiatus. I use the time to wear the ‘Mom-hat’ as much as I can.”

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