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Surviving Alberta winters with Stonz Wear booties

Adrian stonz e1354254866720 - surviving alberta winters with stonz wear bootiesStonz Wear booties are essential for surviving winter with kids in Alberta! Designed by a couple of moms in British Columbia, the company now produces hats and mittens and everything is manufactured in Canada. It’s so nice to shop local and support other moms.

We fell in love with these boots the second they arrived at my door. They are super cute and easy to slip on, either on their own, with Stonz’s Sherpa-fleece linerz or right over the top of shoe. The two adjustable toggles keep the booties attached to my busy toddler’s feet, who rarely stays still long enough to line up the Velcro straps. These are super easy to adjust with a quick adjustment to the tab. These booties are also recommended by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association as a great choice for developing feet.

Armed with booties and linerz, we headed out to play in the snow. The skid-resistant soles are fantastic for kids new on their feet since they help prevent slips and falls. When we came inside after 45 minutes, his feet were toasty, warm and dry too thanks to the booties’ fleece lining. They claim to be water- and wind-resistant and they certainly held up to their claim.

Did I mention these boots are adorable?? My son gets complimented every time he wears these; the bright colours and characters don’t go unnoticed. Honestly – I can’t say enough good things about Stonz booties. I like them so much he has two pairs.

The linerz are an additional cost to the booties, but well worth it for the cold Alberta chill. You could certainly get away with just the bootie over your child’s shoes for the winter. What’s really great about these boots is they can be worn throughout fall, winter and spring and will still fit next year. Sizing is S, M, L, or XL and accommodates 0 to nine-month olds, six to 18-month-olds, one to 2.5-year-olds or two to three-year-olds, respectively.

Their end of season sale is happening now so it’s a great time to get a pair (or 2!) at up to 50% off! Head over to their website and check it out.

I am now anxiously awaiting a wet spring so we can give their super cool Rain Bootz a whirl!

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