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12 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Whole Family

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day—it’s definitely not everyone’s favourite—but we’re on board with any day that gives us an excuse to celebrate the ones we love. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a handful of fun, inexpensive gifts to make your kids, partner or friends and family smile. Plus, it’s from you! And that’s always a great start.

Petit Lem 2-Piece Organic Cotton Hearts Pyjama Set
Why we love them: Move over, Christmas jammies—we’re all about the hearts these days. This organic cotton two-piece set is cute and cozy (and there are matching ones available for adults, too!). Pair it with a special snack and promise to curl up and watch a movie. $34,

LEGO Friends Friendship Flowers
Why we love it: This sweet set of brick-built flowers plus vase is made up of 84 pieces to keep little hands busy. Then, encourage kids to give a flower to a friend, grandparent or their sibling (a parent can dream, right?). $6,

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek
Why we love it: Toddlers are known for very big feelings! This gentle and lyrical book explores a range of emotions along with their physical sensations to help young minds make sense of what’s happening in their little hearts. $22,

pack of rainbow gel pens
Oh My Glitter! Retractable Gel Pens

Why we love them: You need smooth-gliding, bright and shimmery gel pens to write the best Valentine’s Day cards. Everyone knows that. This 12-pack of retractable, fine-tipped pens feel very grown-up and are perfect for the tween in your life. February 14 is one day, gel pen love is forever. $31,

Kilne Knife Set in Sugar
Why we love it: If your Valentine is a culinary master, this is the perfect gift. These professional grade knives will make the dinner rush seem easier and more enjoyable than ever. $395,

mini heart-shaped waffle ironDash Mini Heart Waffle Maker 
Why we love it: Learning to cook is more fun when petite, heart-shaped waffles are involved. Give this teeny waffle maker along with an apron, boxed mix and spatula for a special gift that the whole family can benefit from year-round. $20,

Aroma Nook Diffuser
Why we love it: Parenting is hard. Parenting, working, managing a household, maintaining relationships with friends and family…even harder. Your Valentine deserves to take a time out to read or take a bath while this adorable diffuser fills the room with soothing scents. $76,

Care Bears 14-Inch Love-A-Lot Bear
Why we love it: It’s hard to top Love-A-Lot at Valentine’s since she literally loves everyone and everything. Plus, this mid-sized stuffy is the perfect size for hugging and cuddling. 4-3-2-1! $25,

Sprout Plantable Pencils
Why we love them: Pencils (both writing and makeup!) that you plant at the end of their life to grow herbs, flowers, vegetables or trees? What’s not to love? Plus, the designs are so elegant, you’ll be sending the kids to find something else to use for their homework. From $16,

Lush Lovebug Bath Bomb
Why we love it: Your little Valentine will love taking this fizzer for a zoom around the tub before dropping it into the bath for a swirly colour explosion. We love the old-school Herbie vibes. $7,


Paris Jewellers Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Why we love it: There’s nothing more classic than a gorgeous pearl necklace. It goes with everything, from jeans and a T-shirt at school drop-off to a cocktail dress on date night. $199,


Books, Books and More Books from HarperCollins
Why we love them: We will always be cheerleaders for books of all kinds, and HarperCollins has some awesome ones on their list. We’re loving The Grace of Wild Things, Because You Are, Apartment 713 and Just Like Grandma. Various prices,

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