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Switched at Birth actor Gilles Marini: “I want to raise beautiful minds & kind kids.”

Celebrity Baby Scooprecently caught up with Switched at Birth actor Gilles Marini to chat about his kids (Juliana, 7, and Georges, 15) with wife Carole, his family’s eco-friendly cabin, and his Father’s Day plans. When asked about his kids, Gilles shared, “The kids are doing great. My son Georges is doing good in Notre Dame high school. We got so lucky to be part of such amazing school. He loves it. My daughter is in 2nd grade. Now I do understand why people kept saying to me that she will be wrapped around my fingers. I am gaga for her. She is such a super little smart beautiful girl. I am so in love. She is playing piano, dance she does Brazilian jiu-jitsu and more. She’s so active I definitely know that she can only be my daughter.” How’s Gilles spending Father’s Day?  He said, “With them and their friends. Life is about celebrating, teaching what you know or can teach, it’s about legacy and what you will leave behind. I want to raise beautiful minds and kind kids. So let’s hope I am doing a good job at it.”

Gilles and his family have recently been making over a cabin in Idyllwild. The main inspiration was eco, peaceful, and woodsy. Our global travels inspired the look and feel of our cabin. My wife and I shop at World Market regularly for everything from home décor and furniture to foods you can’t find anywhere else — a lot of the things they carry remind us of all the wonderful countries that we’ve traveled to through the years. I have my natural water source, composting toilet, every single drop of water used is sent back into the forest, solar powered, etc. We are 100% independent up there at the cabin. I am loving it. We’re so happy with how the cabin turned out!”

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