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Talk Show Host Bethenny Frankel credits good time management to balancing work and family

Talk show host and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel recently sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to chat about her daughter, her new talk show and her latest Skinny Girl products.  This super busy mom to Brynn (3) said, “I think that Bryn is like me in some ways. She’s funny, sassy, silly, exciting, loving, and passionate.”And what would Brynn say about her mama? “She would say that I am a fun, strict, and loving mommy. There’s nothing we don’t do together to bond. We go to the park and to Disney on Ice, and we also have picnics and take nice walks. We have snuggle parties, cook, bake, and do everything. We sing and have dance parties too.”  When asked if she has any advice to share on balancing work and family, Bethenny said, “I’d say it’s important to be pretty organized and efficient, because if you use your time wisely, then you can have a lot of quality time with your child. For example, my daughter is at school right now and I’m doing an interview, and I also just did a 45-minute yoga DVD and organized some things I had to organize. Then I’ll be right there at pick-up and I won’t have to think about anything besides being with Brynn completely. So definitely use your time wisely.”

What’s up next for the RHONY alum? “Skinnygirl Sparklers just came out, I have a lot of different food products coming out, and we just launched new Skinnygirl Wines. There are new wines, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet. The nutritional Skinnygirl Bars are also now available nationwide. At the moment, I am really focused on the show, as that is my biggest project. I think people are starting to connect with the show and pick up on it, because it is different every day. You don’t really know what you’re going to get.”

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