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The Busier Life Gets the Smarter We Need Our Homes

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You don’t need to be reminded of how busy you are. It’s a never-ending list of hauling the kids, fetching the dog, dashing off for weekend trips, grabbing groceries, running to work, and all the back and forth chores in between. 

Being busy is your new norm, and with all the in-and-out, it’s easy to forget to lock the door, close the garage or even turn off the lights.  

Meet ADT Command  

The next generation of home security automation is here. Now keeping your home protected when you’re there, when your cherished “fur kids” are home alone or when everyone is away is easier than ever before.  

ADT Command is the newest and most advanced smart home security solution yet from ADT Canada. With peace of mind and protection, your busy family will love the convenience – and you’ll appreciate the safety.    

Enhance Your Safety 

With ADT Command, you control your entire security system and peripheral devices (such as door locks, thermostats, lights, and cameras), conveniently and all in one place.  

It’s all about the 7-inch wireless touchscreen panel – command central for your home. Through this panel, you are in full control of video security and remote control over lights, thermostats, and doors. You can even view the battery life of all your fire and carbon monoxide detectors conveniently from your panel. 

ADT Command is specifically designed to not only help provide real protection but also the latest in smart home automation. That means it’s now even easier to integrate the smart devices and systems that make your life better and control them remotely. 

Protect What Matters Most with the ADT Control App 

An essential part of ADT Command is the ADT Control App, which gives you access to your smart security system from your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch from almost anywhere. Now you can turn on lights, view your video cameras in real-time, adjust your thermostat to save energy, and create automations so that you arrive at a well-lit, comfortable and secure home. 

Forgot to close the garage door? No problem. Your teen has lost their keys, yet again? Don’t worry. Or your kids left all the basement lights on and you’re halfway across the city? Relax; ADT Command has you covered. 

Peace Of Mind For The Busy Home 

We all know that tech can be complex. But ADT has made the smart home technology easier than ever before.  

All software updates take place through the system, so there’s no need to book a technician (try getting that from another security provider and panel). And in case you ever do get stuck or have a question, help videos are available right in the Command panel. It’s intuitive, smooth to set up and simple to use. No wonder it’s the most advanced and convenient smart home solution yet from ADT Canada.  

If you’re curious to learn more about how ADT Command can help make your home smarter and safer, you can visit ADT.ca/Command. 

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