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Tips for families heading out on a Thanksgiving holiday road trip

If there were any holiday where the family road trip was less painful, it would be Thanksgiving. The fall colours, the warm air and swirling leaves on the road are very pretty and make the ride more tolerable.The reality of a holiday long weekend for many means a road trip, and 411 Ontario Kids would like to help make that travel part a little better for everyone so we’ve come up with a few tips to help make a holiday away from home easier and more fun!

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Smiles for Everyone!

1. Properly prepare for the car ride. No matter the age of your kids, from babes to tots to teens, there are some things you can do to make the car trip better for everyone. Be sure to read our road trip tips and I’m sure you will find something to help keep the ride smooth! Even if you’re rushed just a few minutes of thinking ahead and planning can help.

2. If your kids are small and like crafts, perhaps they can do a craft ahead of time and bring it as a gift for your host. Even if you are staying at a resort or hotel, surely the staff would love a special Thanksgiving drawing or desk decoration from their little guests! We suggest having them colour a picture or make something else that is small and easy to travel.

3. If you’re not in a home setting for the big meal and are at a restaurant, plan ahead and bring something from home to make the table more home-y. We suggest having your kids make up name cards for the place settings or create a centrepiece. It’s also a craft activity they can do a few days prior to your trip.

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Seriously, are we there yet??

4. Mix things up and make it an adventure. Do you really need to take the car or would your family have more fun (and be more relaxed!) on a plane, train or bus? Make the travelling itself part of the adventure! This could take some of the stress out of the trip for the parents and be alot more fun. Are your kids older or teens? They might enjoy this change from the regular same old same old.

5. Extend the long weekend and make it a long-long weekend! For some Friday October 11 is a PA Day, giving families a chance to head out earlier than the Friday night rush. Use this extra day to your benefit and spend some time with the immediately family, before the big get-together. If you’re looking for events or activities, consider any of the many great kids attractions north of Toronto.

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Here are a few links to help you plan the Thanksgiving weekend:

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Family friendly activities

We wish you safe travels and great family together time. Feel free to share with us your travel experiences!

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