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Say “HOLIDAY” – Professional Kids Photography tips from a PRO!

Professional kids photography tips from a pro - parents canadaFamily vacations go by in a heartbeat and what we’re left with are memories, tourist knick-knacks and terabytes worth of photos on our hard drives and smartphones.

Holiday photos can be frustrating for parents. From active kids who won’t stop moving to shiny bright sunny days at the beach, it can be tricky for an average parent to land a decent shot, even with all the marvels in today’s photography technology!

We asked a good friend and professional kids photographer to help us out with some tips when photographing kids outdoors on the move having fun!

Kelly moss photography logoKelly Moss owns Kelly Moss Photography located in downtown Midland. Kelly’s specialties are children, babies, outdoor and natural light photography…she’s also a busy Mom to two cute girls! Kelly’s session services are by appointment but you can also visit her shop on King Street to see her gallery of recent work and browse a variety of photo based gifts.

Great Kid’s Photography while on Vacation is easy as 1, 2, 3!

by Kelly Moss

Great kid’s photography really is as easy as 1,2,3! As, a mom, and a professional photographer, I understand the challenges of getting “that favorite shot” of young kids. Here are 3 simple tricks that I use to help make it happen.

1.   Let kids be kids.

I long ago gave up trying to make anyone between the ages of 0-4 look at a camera.  Instead, I let go of my ideal photo: clean, smiling child sitting still and looking straight into the lens; and decided to let the kids have fun – their version of fun. A typical session often starts with the kids hamming it up, and me negotiating a few “nice pictures” for every 3-4 goofy pictures. Watch out for 4 year olds, they are particularly tough negotiators, your odds are more likely to be in the 6-1 range.  Keeping kids active through the session helps keep it “fun”!

Let kids be kids - parents canada

 2.   Lighting

Great photography is really about great light.  Light brings out colour, gives objects dimension and depth, and allows your camera to function optimally.  Knowing the source and direction of your light will have an amazing impact on your photography. When shooting outside, choose a location that is shaded. A slightly shaded setting will allow for even exposure with no harsh shadows and prevent squinting.  Take advantage of the sunset hour when the light is low and the sky is full of colour.

Lighting - parents canada

3.   Change your viewpoint.

We often shoot pictures of children from our “taller parent perspective” and look down at kids. Try getting lower, to their level, and shoot straight on.

Photoshoot of children - parents canada

Kelly Moss Photography is located at 257 King Street in beautiful waterfront Midland. Kelly specializes in natural light portraits, and particularly enjoys photographing children and babies. Her sessions have a relaxed and unhurried approach, and make for memorable family events.

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Feel free to share with us your most favorite pics of your kids while on holidays!

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