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The Wonder of Nature for Kids at the Wye Marsh

canoeing in the marsh

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Photo Credit: Wye Marsh

Simply Natural or Naturally Simple, the Wye Marsh is a wonderful place to cool down this summer and connect with nature. Located in Midland, only 90 minutes north of Toronto, it’s a perfect day trip activity or visiting place when visiting the area.


This gem Ontario attraction is 3,000 acres of wetlands, fen and forest near Georgian Bay. The Centre includes an amphibian and reptile display hall, hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking routes, an observation tower and boardwalks, birds of prey display, education classroom, event facilities, gift shop and the nicest and most knowledgeable Naturalists on staff.


The Wye Marsh offers entertainment to families and people of all ages from 1-99!


Their specialty is nature – and tons of it – right at your fingertips, or in your dip net, right down to microscopic bugs. Critter loving kids will want to move in. It’s a great place to toddle along the boardwalk and chase a butterfly or for older children, ride a bike, canoe or kayak. There are so many activities, including hands-on, that will light up a child’s curiosity. It’s a simple place but complex with wildlife habitat and all things related to nature in Ontario.


Wye Marsh is known for great events. This summer you can celebrate the great outdoors at the Get Outdoors Festival August.


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Get Outdoors Festival – August 9-10


Explore one of Ontario’s largest wetlands by foot, boat or bike. There are over 25km of scenic forested trails, floating boardwalks and canoe channels that let you escape into the Wye Marsh and connect with the wildlife that call it home. Escape on your own or with a naturalist on a guided canoe tour or walking tour. Experience hummingbird banding and monarch tagging demonstrations, or take part in an interactive workshop on birding or backcountry camping. See birds of prey soar and learn how to identify native Ontario turtles and snakes in a live animal show. Experience the best of the outdoors at the Get Outdoors Festival.


Click here to Enter to Win a Free Pass to the festival.


There are lots of workshops, some for adults, some for kids. Summer Camp will tire your kid and make new friends. The Wye Marsh can guarantee an appreciation for nature you can’t get from an APP or a screen. 


Upcoming Workshops: Habitat Gardening August 23


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Photo Credit: J. Jankowski


The Wye Marsh is a great place for parents to find value entertainment and teach their kids about nature and the environment. As part of their development, kids need to experience the basics and beauty of nature and the Wye Marsh is a perfect place to spark and inspire a young mind. 


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Find the Wye Marsh:




16160 Highway 12 East

Midland, Ontario







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