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TV Presenter Lisa Ling talks about how motherhood has transformed her

Our America host Lisa Ling recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop to chat about new baby girl, five-month-old Jett, first time motherhood and her role as Ambassador for the Ikea Life Improvement Project.

Lisa says Jett has enriched their lives in such a profound way. “We feel so lucky, albeit I am a little sleep deprived,” she says. Lisa admits that having a baby wasn’t her long-awaited wish. “Now that we have her, I can’t imagine life without her because she’s brought so much joy to my life. Motherhood has transformed me, because the world looks so different now,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to do things that help me expand my horizons and my mind and I’ve always wanted to do work that I could be proud of. Now I want my work to be something that my daughter is proud of.”

Ling is one busy new mom! She currently serves as Ambassador for the Ikea Life Improvement Project, which donates dollars to Save the Children’s early education effort.

She’s also working on the fifth season of Our America, which airs on OWN TV.
“It isn’t airing until next year, but I’m already on the road a bit here and there, which is definitely challenging,” said Ling. Also on the agenda is a summer trip with her husband to Mongolia.

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