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Vampire repellent necklace

Vampire repellent necklace 240x240 v2 - vampire repellent necklaceDon’t forget to wear this when you’re looking for Dracula.

You’ll Need:

5 garlic cloves
24 gauge wire
tub chain
8 bugle beads


1. Tie a small knot in one end of a 5-inch piece of 24 gauge wire.

2. Thread two beads onto wire, then push the wire through one clove of garlic, then one bead, then another clove. Repeat ending with two beads after the fifth clove.

3. Tie a knot into the finished end of the wire.

4. Slip both knotted ends of the wire into ends of a length of tub chain (available at building or plumbing supply or hardware stores), long enough to slip comfortably over head.

Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2012.

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