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What is it like to be a part of a blended family? The kids weigh in – Part 1

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What is it like to be part of a blended family? Well, with Father’s Day coming up, I thought I’d ask the kids. I started with our 13-year-old (the Leader in Training). I asked her to open and honest. What she had to say was enlightening….

It’s the hard knock life for any teenage girl, especially one from a blended family. Have you ever felt like you have so much going for you, but no one really notices? That’s how everyone feels, and wedged in a house with seven other people you may feel this all the time. 

The thing is, I really love my life. I volunteer hours of my time to help direct plays, I spend hours devoted to improving as a triple threat performer and I am always on top of all my schoolwork. I have a small group of truly, amazing friends who give me confidence and make me laugh…a lot. I feel happy, almost all the time. But then I think of all the things that could be better. 

I mean think about it, unless you’re Mary Poppins, you wish your life was different. And, even though many people have told me I’d be great as Mary Poppins, I’m not even practically perfect. I wish…

  • I had more friends that I actually feel like I could be myself around.
  • I was more athletic.
  • I went shopping more often.
  • I didn’t always feel second compared to my siblings.
  • The green-eyed monster didn’t visit me so often.
  • I never felt lonely…. This is a big one. Sometimes after a big show or anything I have accomplished, I just feel empty and wonder, “Does anyone really care?”
  • I had more certainty about who is going to be there when I get home…. With two siblings that are only at the house on alternating days, I never know if I can watch TV after school or if I’m home alone, can I play my music really loud?

On top of all that, I deal with the same things any teenage girl deals with…beauty, boys and friends. And when your parents are always busy, who am I supposed to talk to about my problems? Who do I look towards for answers? 

I guess the main problem with being in a blended family is the time or the lack of it. I love what my life has become and I have met people who have impacted my life immensely, and friends that I couldn’t live without…like ever! But I gave up a lot and I long for the time when things were simpler. I guess, that is only one of the perks of being a teenager.

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