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What kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

They’re on the ball, they’re intense, they’ve got it together. Whether it’s to stay in shape or stay connected, to be green or to be stylish, to be a professional mom or a mom professional, these moms are on a mission. Chances are you’ll see a little bit of yourself in these cheeky profiles. Illustrations by Francis Blake.

Fashionista mom 3 - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits


The Fashionista Mom

The fashionista mom stands out in the mom mob from the tip of her French manicure down to her suede Coach peep toe pumps. She’s savvy at matching onesies to her colour palette, turning her baby into the coolest accessory around. When she hoists her little boy onto her hip and strikes a side glance, you might mistake him for a functional handbag! You can catch the fashionista effortlessly gliding a stroller in the park in her designer tracksuit and Louis Vuitton cap.

Note the chic diaper bag dangling from the stroller handles. The bold stitching and mini jungle print mean this diaper bag could easily double for an oversized evening bag! After a long night with a sniffl y baby, the fashionista mom knows the secret to hiding the ravages of a sleepless night: She slips on a pair of oversized glasses, wraps herself in a bold coloured cape and off she goes!

Why You Need A Fashionista Friend: She can help you put together a killer outfit for your next date night or job interview.

The Plugged-In Mom

This newer breed of mom loves her mothering role so much she wants to share her experiences with the world. These key-tapping moms were surfing the net and interacting through social media long before giving birth and shifted to mommy blogging as their parenting experiences abounded.

You can be sure there was a post about her bundle of joy less than 48 hours after giving birth. The plugged-in mom writes to give advice, to vent and to fi nd support from her mom followers. Her blog topics range from parenting tips to snappy recipes, from celebrity moms to fashion finds. If there was an app for changing diapers, she’d have it!

Why You Need A Plugged-In Mom Friend: When your kid lost the field trip form, she’s got the details at her fingertips.


Plugged in mom - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

Fit mom 2 - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

The Fit Mom

The fit mom never let her pre-baby gym membership lapse and can recall her last workout as the day before her water broke. For this mom, fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand and motherhood is not a cause to pause from her routine. The transition from fit female to fit mom was seamless. Workouts are always scheduled along with a play date at Zig Zag Zoo. 

She does shoulder raises while trying to calm a colicky baby and manages a series of quick squats at the diaper-changing table. She wants to stay toned and active so she can chase her kids around and have a go on the monkey bars at the park as they cheer, “Come on Mom, you can do it!” When she’s squeezed for time, the fit mom pops in a 20-minute yoga DVD to make sure her day begins or ends in a flexible way. Her home gym equipment never doubles as a laundry rack nor does it collect dust balls!

Why You Need A Fit Mom Friend: She’s always willing to be your personal trainer and motivator.

The Eco-Mom

When eco-moms get together, discussion quickly turns to the new sustainable and green products on the market. The eco-mom’s identifiable call is “Got any reusable paper for the kids to draw on?” Her kids play with “earth toys” like stones and shells, an assortment of wooden blocks, and previously loved dolls. She packs baby carrot snacks in rinsed out cottage cheese containers and tells her kids to bring back their empty juice boxes from school for a craft project. Gifts are wrapped in reusable wrapping paper, even if it means pulling out the iron to smooth out the creased folds. She unabashedly accepts hand-me-downs and visits second-hand clothes shops. And she gets excited around garage sale season, since she enjoys taking leisurely walks in upscale neighbourhoods right around the time people put their recycling bins and oversized items on the curb.

Why You Need An Eco-Mom Friend: She’s always got inexpensive craft ideas for last-minute playdates, plus you’re greener by association.


Eco mom - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

Super mom - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

The Super-Mom

The supermom lives the idealized view of motherhood: She’s always ready and available for her kids – no matter what. If anything gets in her way, supermom can jump those roadblocks like a monster truck! An alpha woman by nature, the supermom rules the roost with a smartphone in one hand and loads the dishwasher with the other. She runs on high-octane fuel and is both admired and envied by other moms. The supermom breastfeeds with nary an infection, never loses track of her toddler at the grocery store and is positive all vaccines are up to date (because she keeps them organized, natch). She has perfectionist tendencies, sure, but mostly they just help her stay on top of things. The fridge calendar is jam-packed with appointments, play dates and birthday parties (with the gifts already bought and wrapped). Moms flock around her at every turn seeking her advice about potty training and the latest educational games guaranteed to make your kids brilliant.

Why You Need A Super-Mom Friend: She always knows the best swimming lessons and other programs in the neighbourhood.

The Mompreneur

The mompreneur means business. She discovers a way to make money while she parents her brood from home. After getting a taste for e-commerce from selling her no-longer-needed baby wares online, she sets up her own virtual boutique on eBay and ta da: The mompreneur is born! Some moms find their mompreneur jones while on mat leave from a typical job and never go back; others have always worked for themselves and fit motherhood into the equation.

Some women work as accountants or estheticians, juggling nap time and school schedules. Others opt for home-based businesses like Arbonne or a home daycare and others stumble upon a hidden talent as they dabble in jewellery design, candle-making and cupcake catering. Let’s not forget the inventor mom, the one who has a eureka moment when she creates something that makes every mom’s life easier; something everyone wishes they’d thought of. Next thing you know, she’s landed a coveted spot on “Dragon’s Den” and rakes in the big bucks.

Why You Need A Mompreneur Friend: She’s always got a product or skill to donate to a school fundraiser, and is happy to share!

Mompreneur mom - what kind of mom are you? You might see yourself in our light-hearted portraits

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