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Where’s your sanity saver?

You’ve entered this new world of motherhood. This life is now dependent on you for EVERYTHING and it’s wonderful but at times very overwhelming. You’re so happy to have this new joy in your life and excepting of all the new challenges but you’re tired, you’re isolated, maybe a little depressed, so what can you do about all these feelings?

Well here is what I did – when my daughter first arrived my world had spun upside down. My day to day life/activities had become completely different. I rarely saw my old friends anymore so I felt very isolated – I decided that I was going to take on this new challenge, make new mom friends, learn about my baby and explore my neighbourhood.  That’s where Mommy Connections East Toronto came in.

Olivia was only 6 weeks old and I discovered Mommy Connections by browsing around the internet looking for mom and baby classes. This was going to be my first class with Olivia so I was very nervous as to what to expect. Will she cry the whole time? How will I breastfeed in public? What if she gets tired and needs to nap? A million scary scenarios crossed through my mind but I still ventured on and registered for the class.

Registering for the class was the greatest thing I’ve ever done. The class was held at lil bean n green in Leslieville on Queen Street. This place was AMAZING, why hadn’t anyone told me about it. It’s a café in the front and play centre in the back. There are babies, toddlers, kids, moms, dads, nannies and grandparents visiting this place. I felt so comfortable as soon as I walked in – the old director of Mommy Connections had set aside a place for the group to be run. At first everyone was a little shy but it didn’t take long for us to warm up to one another and the baby talk began. 

Our sessions were great, filled with lots of great presenters, activities, education, etc. plus I met some of my closest Mom friends and I am still in touch with them. Finding Mommy Connections and lil bean opened up a new world to maternity leave. Meeting new moms helped me with all my concerns and added for wonderful play dates with Olivia.  I still visit and conduct classes at lil bean (now that I am the new director); the place feels like a second home. I love living in the East End, especially in Leslieville – there are so many activities and places to bring Olivia.  

What’s your favourite place to go with your little one/ones?

Salsababies 2012 - where’s your sanity saver?

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