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Your Best DIY Hallowe’en Costume Ideas

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their best DIY Hallowe’en costumes to us. We certainly have some creative readers! Here is a selection of some of the best home made haunts.

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Monster Kerri%20loucks%203rs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

This is the monster costume I have made for my 14 month-old son, James. To make this costume I used an old sweater and pajama pants, added spots, teeth, shoe covers and clawscut from scraps of fabric with a glue gun. The eyes were halves from aplastic Easter egg from the dollar store, covered in fabric and pupils drawn on. This costume cost nothing as I only used materials I had around the house. To make the tail stand up I used an old wire coat hanger and glued it into the tail and the back of the sweater.

-Kerri Loucks

Max, Where the Wild Things Are Andrea%20moyes%201rs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

We made my 2 year-old son a Max from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ costume. We got a white track suit, sewed on a tail. Used broom wires for whiskers, got white gloves and glued felt finger nails on them and made ears out of white thick cloth(so they would stand up) and sewed them on the hood. As an added prop, he had toy monsters from the movie that he carried.

 -Andrea Moyes

Louise%20fontana%202rs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas


This is my first homemade Halloween costume. I made this lion costume for my oldest son but was able to reuse it with the second. Ihope to keep it and maybe they will be able to use it someday with their kids. 

-Louise Fontana

Wayne and Garth Wayne & garth at the parkrs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

This is my son Tiago and his best friend Angus dressed as Wayne and Garth (age 18 months) from Wayne’s World. The boys are wearing ‘Wiggies’ (wigs for babies) and are dressed in 90’s baby clothes.

 -Susan Chaves

Pile of ClothesShantal%20howard%20smithrs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

We are in Northern Ontario, and well let’s face it, the store-bought costumes just don’t hold up to the weather here at Halloween. I have to think of ways to keep the kids warm, but still be dressed as something. Last year my daughter was a basket of dirty clothes. 

-Shantel Howard Smith

Lion and Skunk 

Bethany%20a. %20s. %20meesrs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

I started thinking about these costumes months in advance so that supplies could be gathered and alternatives considered. I started with sewing patterns, but shopped around for different options i.e. I must have tried 3 alternatives to the skunk tail before making a final decision. Enjoy the pictures of my lion and skunk!

 -Bethany Mees

Pirate Diane%20wallis%202rs - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

My little grandson, Bodhi, wanted to be a pirate for Halloween when he was two, and he wanted a pirate ship as well.He already ownedthe hat and everything else was around the house. We borrowed a white dress shirt from his friend Maddie and he wore his pajama pants and a vest with a belt from his Mommy. I installed a main mast and sail to his wagon and he was ready to go. 

-Diane Wallis

Juice Box Mandie%20o%27byrners - your best diy hallowe'en costume ideas

Gavin, 6 years-old in his juice box costume. Wepainteda box and a wrapping paper roll for the straw and just cut holes for the arms, legs and head. 

-Jay and Mandie O’Byrne

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