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10 Mommy-style super foods?

I’ve been reading a lot about the top 10 superfoods over the years. They should have an
awards ceremony like the Oscars (maybe the Oscar Mayers?) because the 10 foods are
everchanging from year to year. Four or fi ve years ago, I scrambled to accommodate
that year’s superfoods into my diet. I knew if I ate a mango, the 4,000 small seeds from
a pomegranate, a crown of broccoli, half an avocado, seven raw almonds sprinkled with
ground up fl axseed and a small slice of salmon I was going to live forever. That was five
years ago and none of these one-time superfoods have made the cut this year. Who can
keep up? Parents know there is a list of real superfoods that have superpowers; these
are convenience and behaviour modifi cation. Best of all, this list will last!

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