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3 Different grills for the family

Perhaps influenced by cooking shows dedicated to grilling, charcoal grills have become a popular choice for home chefs looking to take their cooking talents outdoors, says Duff Dixon, president of the world’s largest BBQ store, Ontario Gas BBQ. They won’t replace your gas or electric grills but they have become a cooking staple for the avid griller. “Everyone’s got busy lifestyles. The kids are hungry, you got home late and just wanna throw a couple of burgers on the gas grill,” says Duff. “Then on the weekend, pull out a charcoal barbeque and start to do some real cooking.”

Electric grill - 3 different grills for the family

Electric grills have come a long way and are a great option for highrise living (where permitted). While they aren’t as big as gas barbeques, electric grills will allow you to cook your favourites, like hamburgers and chicken breasts.

Propane grill - 3 different grills for the family
Propane vs natural gas

Put these two side-by-side and you’ll notice no
difference in temperature or performance. A
natural gas grill is more convenient in that you
won’t have to refi ll a propane tank. If you have a
natural gas line set up in a convenient location, a
natural gas grill might be right for you.

Charcoal grill - 3 different grills for the family

A charcoal grill will cook your
steaks, veggies and burgers
just as well as your other
grills. Choose this grill if you
are looking for flavour. Try
enhancing your flavours with
different kinds of charcoal,
varying in origin from North
America to Africa to Argentina.

Originally published in ParentsCanada, July 2012

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