3 energy-packed snacks

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When you’re suddenly charged with the care and feeding of a brand-new little being, it’s easy to forget that you too need care. During those first years, high-energy requirements and a whacky schedule make grazing a good idea – several mini meals spread throughout the day (and night) help keep parents on top of their game while ensuring energy levels stay at an even keel. However, with a baby around, there’s less time (and fewer hands) for cooking and eating, so keeping the kitchen stocked with easy-to grab healthy snacks will make life easier (and junk food less alluring).

Make calories count. Each snack and mini meal should be as nutrient-dense as possible, containing protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Of course, you still want what you eat to be delicious and easy to prepare – and anyone with a baby or toddler will appreciate good food that can be eaten with one hand. Planning ahead can go a long way; the following recipes are easy to make and keep well, so when you can hardly manage a shower or nap, you’ll still be able to feed yourself a proper snack. Minimal assembly required.


Fast facts:

  • Protein (milk, yogurt, fish, nuts, beans, seeds) is one of the most important nutrients to consume when breastfeeding.
  • Without proper food in your tummy, breastfeeding can be tough. To produce 1 – 2 kilograms of milk a day, you’re using 500 calories. Stock your pantry with quick and nutritious foods – trail mixes, whole grain crackers, boxes of raisins and cans of tuna. Keep fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge at all times.

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