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3 Healthy snacks to help you through the day

These three snacks are perfect for your child’s lunchbox, a light snack
on-the-go or even a guiltless midnight snack. And the best part is,
they’re healthy! 

Crispy Pitas 

natural and definitely healthy, these pita crisps are great on their
own or for your dipping delight – try hummus, salsa or even peanut
butter! Flavours include Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, Rosemary Garlic and
Organic Spelt with Flax, and Organic Wheat. $3.39 to $3.89, available at
independent grocers across Canada. 

Visit for a store near you. 

Kashi Snack Crackers 

love Kashi cereal and bars, now there are more delicious Kashi snacks
to add to  your lunch bag. Kashi Snack Crackers offer big flavour,
natural ingredients and their own blend of seven whole grains, and
sesame seeds. The crackers are trans fat free, low in saturated fat, and
are loaded with fibre. $3.49, at grocery and natural food stores across

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company 

we say it? Guilt-free chips? These old-fashioned kettle chips are
cooked one batch at a time so every batch tastes great. Certified
gluten-free, with no preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol or
artificial colours or flavours, these chips are calling our name. $3.49
to $3.99, available in assorted flavours across Canada at select
convenience and grocery stores, Winners, Chapters, Indigo, Bulk Barn and
Sobeys in Western Canada, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Originally published in ParentsCanada, April 2012

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