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9 budget-friendly recipes

plate of beans and broccoli rabe

Feeding a family isn’t cheap. Try these budget-friendly recipes to stretch the budget. By swapping to dried beans and lentils vs canned and buying in-season produce, getting dinner on the table without breaking a financial stretch is totally thing. You won’t have to compromise on taste, promise.

sweet potato fries on herbed grains with arugula

These cozy sweet potato wedges drizzled with bright, creamy lemon tahini dressing create a flavour pairing that is far more than the sum of its parts. Serve over the herbed farro and arugula for a hearty side dish or delicious lunch. Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Wedges With Farro And Tahini

pan of meatballs and sauce simmering

Fresh sausages make instant, preseasoned meatballs with no mess; simply squeeze the meat out of its casing directly into the pan. The sausage adds flavour as it simmers, creating a delicious sauce that’s done in about as much time as it takes to cook dry pasta. Get the recipe: Spaghetti with Instant Sausage Meatballs

frittata with greens

A frittata—like a quiche without the crust—can be filled with just about anything; it’s a great way to use leftover cooked veggies, roasted potatoes, meat or even pasta. Bits of cheese and cheese ends can be grated and tossed into the mix; add cubed stale bread and you have a strata. Get the recipe: Basic Frittata

Beans with broccoli and garlic

The instant pot is your new BFF, and it’s more than ready to whip up this delicious batch of garlicky beans. The use of dried beans make this dish ring up for even less than buying canned. Get the recipe: Garlicky Beans with Broccoli Rabe

rolled burritos with a lime wedge and cheese as garnish

These vegetarian burritos can be served as soon as they’re filled and rolled, or can be crisped up in a hot pan, which allows you to assemble them in advance and then heat them through just before serving. Get the recipe: Crispy Black Bean Burritos

These rainbow rolls are a delish, no-cook solution bursting with fresh veggies and rotisserie chicken (a cheap and quick protein), with a sweet and savoury dipping sauce on the side. Get the recipe: Rainbow Fresh Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

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