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Dyed Easter eggs with rubber band stripes

Easter eggs 1 - dyed easter eggs with rubber band stripes

Dying Easter eggs is a must-do project around here every spring, and while I admire the elaborate Easter egg dye jobs you see on Pinterest, my artistic skill (and patience) is a little more limited. I also like techniques the kids can use themselves without getting frustrated – one way we’ve created cool patterns on hard-boiled eggs is to wrap them in elastic bands before dropping them in the dye.

Eggs and rubber bands - dyed easter eggs with rubber band stripes
This works well on hard-boiled eggs, but the bands squeeze too tightly on fragile blown-out eggshells, if that’s the way you roll. After wrapping your eggs in as many rubber bands as you like, dip them in dye – any kind will work: store-bought, food colouring in warm water, or try dunking eggs in leftover wine or beet cooking liquid. Let them dry and wrap and dunk again, or just undo the rubber bands to reveal the stripey patterns underneath. Happy Easter!

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