Jenny Mollen created an Instagram account dedicated to her son’s elaborate bento boxes and we’re here for it

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Photo: @dictatorlunches via Instagram 

Jenny Mollen, author of two books, actor and also the wife of Jason Biggs, is pretty hardcore when it comes to packing lunch for her four-year-old son, Sid. She doesn’t mess around when it comes to bento boxes with an arsenal of cookie cutters, edible eyeballs and whathaveyous always on hand. Her lunchtime masterpieces have become such a hit on her Instagram feed that she created a page dedicated to Sid (the dictator) and his fantastically fussy midday meals.

Here’s a roundup of our faves. 

“Sid loves eating octopus and squid when we tell him he’s actually eating Hank from Finding Dory. Think this means he’s either the next Anthony Bourdain or a serial killer. Time will tell.”

  “You know, Sid! The one who brought fondu for lunch?”

“Deconstructed mango on a stick with other fruity friends and a shot of @casamigos w lime on the rocks for teacher. #momsouttherekillingit #teachersouttherekillingit #dictatorlunches”

“First sign of depression is when you start carving random vegetables into Jack-o-lanterns”


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