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Nutrition tips from Harley Pasternak

Nutrition Tips From Harley Pasternak - Parents Canada

Smoothie ingredients - nutrition tips from harley pasternak 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, especially around Thanksgiving, but a quick blend of your favourite ingredients with a dash of fibre can make a smoothie the perfect solution. Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer and nutritionist, shares his tips for staying on track.

ParentsCanada (PC): What are a few ways busy families can stay healthy while on the go?

Harley Pasternak (HP): I blend. That’s the ultimate on the go. It takes me 90 seconds in the morning to make a smoothie. I make sure to include protein, fibre and healthy fat. Start with a liquid base, then add fruits and vegetables, and a fibre, such as Metamucil psyllium fibre. I also add a healthy fat, like avocado, almond butter or peanut butter.

PC: Besides adding a fibre supplement to meet the food guide’s daily requirements, what are some other ways we can easily get more fibre?

HP: Eating fruits with edible skin or edible seeds is a great way to get quality fibre. Vegetables are good. Even sprinkle a fibre supplement onto Greek yogurt.

PC: During the holidays, many Canadians will inevitably overindulge on sweets, snacks and big family meals. What are some ways that we can indulge without overindulging?

HP: When it comes to indulging, have the best. Don’t have sugarfree chocolate. Don’t have a fat-free cake. Have the best and have a little bit of it. Make sure that you’re not eating it because you’re hungry. Have a great, healthy, filling meal then have a little treat afterwards.

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Originally published in ParentsCanada magazine, October 2015.

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